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»That’s another part of the attraction of the central characters, who are deftly drawn in rapid fashion. They’re not incredible super-humans who beggar belief with their ability to dodge bullets. Instead, Rique makes mistakes, admits them, and has his ass handed to him on more than one occasion. You genuinely don’t know what’s going to be the outcome of each encounter – almost every chapter ends with a cracking cliff-hanger. I would immediately have bought the next in the series, and settled in for another ‘movie’ on the sofa, with popcorn.«
Murder, Mayhem & More

»Thomas Dellenbusch has written an intriguing crime thriller. I love his fast paced writing style. I would definitely consider reading more books by this author in the future.«
Book Reviews by Lynn

»How is the book? Fear not, it's very good. Chase... is a fast paced action story the reader can easily see in their minds eye. It's taut and well organized, flowing like a movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat. I would personally like to read more of Rique (The main character) and his teams' exploits.«
Books are Theater of the Mind

»An exciting caper with well-written action scenes.«
Colin Garrow (Scottish Author)

»The story flows logically and you are sucked in deeper and deeper as facts are revealed. Towards the end the suspense was killing me.«
David's Book Blurg

»I enjoyed the story. The plot is complex and fast paced. The writing style is intense and interesting.«
Vigilant Reader Book Reviews

German Blogs

»Never before have I gotten so wrapped up in a short novel.
Excitement from the first line to the last.«
Binchens Bücherblog

»Totally gripping, with awesome imagery.
A sure-fire recommendation!«
Magische Momente

»It’s fascinating to encounter a story so chock-full of
narrative detail. Truly praiseworthy.«

»I was astonished. CHASE bowled me over.«
Phinchen‘s Fantasyroom

»A fast-paced and engaging short novel with everything
that makes a great thriller. I tip my hat to the author.«
Anja‘s Bücherblog

»Eloquent and packed with fast-paced action, loads of charm,
plenty of excitement and even a bit of romance.«
Bücherblog „Eva-on-line“



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